Winning entry for a school project. We were asked to design merchandising items for an Austrian nature park. 
The Tormäuer area is enriched from old tales, deep woods, soft meadows, wild waters, climbing-rocks and hiking paths, animals and plants you will only find there and – unique names. I took some of these names and turned them into drawings of their literal meaning or possible alternative meanings of their pronunciation. Like, obivously, there is a bathing facility for your Liver in England. But have you noticed that the capital of the US is made from tons of artist's ink? 
 Bär = bear 
   Lacke = lake
"At the Hunter's Heart"
Kas = cheese (coll.)
                Steig = steep (climbing) track
"Devil's Church"
treffen = to hit, to score
the ending "ling" can personify things 
Henne = hen
stecken = to be stuck
Eck = corner
Schaufel = shovel
reiten = (horse)riding
Ochs = Ox
Boden = floor
Buch = book
Berg = mountain
Kirche = Church
Steig = steep (climbing) track
Hoch = high
Bär = bear
Eck = corner
Herr = mister, gentleman
Weide = pasture

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